The Movement reminds you to be kind, curious and accepting of who you are instead of striving for who you think you should be. It teaches you happiness isn't found in a mirror, doing more, pushing through or pursuing productivity.

You'll laugh, feel your strength, find your edge, maybe even get a little emotional but for damn sure you'll feel free. More than a workout or class to rush in & out of - it's challenging, therapeutic & liberating. 

This is where self-discovery is fueled by movement. It's unlike anything else and you're gonna love it. 

a felt experience & a shift

What is The Movement?

Give yourself permission to re-define your relationship with your self, body, wellness and womanhood in a way that respects your experiences, honors your ever changing energy & allows you to express yourself & feel enough - as you are.

How 'bout we stop making movement about changing or conditioning your body & make it about feeling freedom, witnessing strength & releasing emotional tension in a way that's sustainable and satisfying?

Nothing excites me more than seeing women feel confident in their skin, aware of their needs, wants and desires & empowered to prioritize their pleasure.

The Movement shifted something in me as well as in women across the globe in all bodies of all ages, stages & abilities and I can't wait for it to do the same for you too.

What you need is permission.

but my self-discovery journey really began when I quit looking externally & came home to my body.

You're told every day in big & subtle ways productivity, the size of your pants & your mindset are the keys to your wildest dreams. That you just gotta push through or try harder.

I'm not immune. I spent years bouncing around like a pinball trying to keep up, always chasing another horizon, restricting & conditioning my body to extremes in effort to feel enough. I also wandered the world, desperate to break free & find myself.

it's time to do things differently

I don't play by the rules & neither should you.

I'm Erika Linae.

You don't need to justify, explain or change yourself, you've got nothing to prove nor do you need to gain approval, appreciation or acceptance of anyone else...

I invite you to peel off the spanx, unravel, unwrap & unbutton those jeans to let that belly soften

I'm available internationally for speaking engagements, workshops, retreats and special events.

I also love customizing bespoke experiences & would love to hear from you! 

wanna collaborate?