It's a revolutionary yet relatable embodied movement practice that reminds you to be kind, curious and accepting of who you are instead of striving for who you think you should be. By slowing the pace, freeing the tension and teaching you to feel your way it transforms the way you connect to your body and changes your relationship with yourself and your lived experience.

This isn't fitness, it's freedom. Where self-discovery is fueled by movement. It's challenging, therapeutic & liberating. It's unlike anything else and you're gonna love it. 

a felt experience & a shift

What is The Movement Experience?

Welcome to the future of movement, my friend. Where slowing the pace, freeing the tension and feeling your way will re-define your relationship with your self, body, wellness and womanhood.

Give the middle finger to grind and wellness culture, respect your natural rhythm, release emotional tension and connect back to a life with more depth, fulfillment and freedom in a sustainable and satisfying way.

You've got nothing to prove and you can't get this wrong. So, give yourself permission to move and be moved like the force of nature you are. 

I'm changing the way women move - maybe on the mat - but mostly in the world.

The Movement shifted something in me as well as in women across the globe in all bodies of all ages, stages & abilities and I can't wait for it to do the same for you, too.

What you need is

but things shifted when I quit looking outside myself & came home to my sensing, feeling body.

The notion that it's the size of your pants, being more disciplined, constantly productive and having the right mindset that's key to your happiness is outdated, unsustainable and ineffective.

It's time to leave behind this boring, shallow and quite frankly, insulting definition of women's wellness that revolves around you believing you need to change yourself or condition your body.

I'm not immune. I cut out the size tag in my jeans ashamed of the number, counted my cashews, told myself I was 'being healthy'. I spent years bouncing around like a pinball trying to keep up - an irritable, hot mess, chasing some horizon. I tried every morning routine and three step process, listened to the 'gurus' and I wore my exhaustion with pride.

it's time to do things differently

I don't play by the rules.

I'm Erika Linae.


I'm available internationally for speaking engagements and special events.
I love customizing bespoke experiences & would love to hear from you! 

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