More than a workout and not another studio class to rush in and out of, our binge worthy playlists - always asked for by participants - set the mood and truly guide you through. Intentional inquiry helps you notice, sense and release tension you didn't know you carried - it's challenging, therapeutic and liberating.

We use a slower pace, low impact, some non-linear and repetitive movement to move intentionally and with curiosity. Various styles of classes to choose from let you match your energy. You may recognize some postures if you're familiar with barre, dance or pilates, but this isn't fitness. This is The Movement. It's unlike anything else. And you're going to love it.
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A Movement
The Movement is as much about the lifestyle as it is about the intentional practice. We seek to infuse presence, pleasure and permission into the entire felt, feminine experience. We value and center sovereign, sustainable wellness, sensory experiences, self-awareness and self-discovery over performance, productivity and pushing through. Learn more about the Lifestyle and Experience it with us.

movement & a movement

What is The Movement?

Explore your mess, break open and break free of diet and fitness culture.

Challenge your limits while celebrating your body in a low-impact way suitable for women in all bodies of all ages, stages and abilities.

Our one-of-a-kind experiences and trainings re-define your relationship with your body and movement so you can navigate your ever changing energy and emotions with ease.

— Erika Linae Nimry

"Slow the pace.
Free the tension.
Feel your way."

You can't get it wrong. Give yourself permission to honor and respect your body's ever changing energy and emotions. There's no right way - only your way.



Start prioritizing yourself guilt free. Movement doesn't have to be productive. Pleasure doesn't have to be earned. Make room for possibility.



Check in rather than check out. The only place we feel is in the body and the only time we're in the body is in the moment. This is about being over doing. 



who we are

the women behind the movement

I created The Movement to change an industry perpetuating the conditioning of women and their bodies. Bridging what I loved about coaching and movement formed a practice heavily influenced by my love of dance and somatic awareness that's more powerful than I ever could've imagined.

I want women to know they aren't broken - the wellness world is. They don't have to want or be it all. Productivity and exhaustion don't validate your worth. You're a cyclical being worthy of celebrating and rest is no reward.

It feeds my fierce curiosity, fuels my creativity, allows me to dig deep, find my strength, feel free and release. I'm a much better partner, professional and friend on days I do The Movement. It just shifts things.

It healed my relationship with my body and movement, which was incredibly unhealthy for years. As an independent woman, I pushed through and wore my exhaustion with pride. It was never enough. The Movement was my own liberation I didn't know I needed.

Erika Linae Nimry

Creator - Lead Facilitator - Creative director

The Movement has taught me how to be kind, curious and accepting of who I am, instead of always striving to be who I think I should be.

I had to be a part of The Movement because after years in the fitness industry, I was sick of contributing to the idea a woman's body needs to be changed to be better. Of seeing women of all sizes, ages and abilities feeling less than, thinking doing more or burning out in the process was the solution to a happier life.

It reminds me I'm vibrant, strong and determined but that it can't be accessed in a healthy way if I don't allow myself to slow down and act on what I truly desire. I've learned there's never been anything wrong with me - my energy ebbs and flows and I'll listen to what I need - with no apologies.

The Movement changed the way  I teach. Facilitating TM experiences allows me to present movement in the way that I've always seen it - as a way of feeling freedom in your body, witnessing its strength, releasing emotional tension and having a little fun with an inviting community.

Adriana Solorzano

lead facilitator - director of development

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