March 13th
the future of movement isn't fitness. it's freedom.

An industry obsessed with performance and productivity is part of the problem.
Learn how to help women break the cycle of burnout and self-loathing.

this isn't fitness. it's freedom.

We say no to push, hustle and grind. To punishing workouts, whacked out hormones and burnout.

Take back your power & take up space with the women of The Movement.

We're not here to change your body. 

We're changing the way women move - on the mat & in the world.


Where productivity & pushing through make room for


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molly harris

"The classes don't just address the physical aspect of exercise, they confront all aspects of being a woman. You learn to honor your body regardless of age or shape. The classes are challenging and uplifting. It's not about the perfect plank. It's about your inner self. The facilitation and music are powerful and for the first time in a VERY LONG time, I feel empowered, hopeful and looking forward to the next class."