change the way women move - on the mat & in the world.

BRing DEPTH to your work.
Hold LIBERATING spaces.

be certified to use it your own way with your own style.

The Movement 
Experience Training

The Movement Experience is a revolutionary yet relatable embodied movement method helping women give the middle finger to grind and wellness culture, navigate their energy and emotions with more ease and bring depth to the spaces you hold transforming the lives of the women you serve.

I wanna liberate your body, not condition it.

flexibility and freedom to use this their own way and with their own style

an accessible & practical approach to somatics & embodiment

a program that centers feminine physiology and a cyclic approach

more depth and body awareness in their existing work or in their vision

female coaches, therapists, wellness & creative professionals looking for...

The Movement Experience Training is for

adriana |  Australia

Movement instructor

"Facilitating is special. Women love the experience. I'm so grateful that I get to bring this to the women in my community. If you're looking to truly help women feel more comfortable in their own skin, this program is brilliant."

hear from past participants

get a feel for the format

get to know the ideaology

See actual course material

Be the first in your city, country or community!

take a deeper look...

Doing Things Differently.

Throw the book out on conventional learning.

This training centers your felt experience first with a feminine, rhythmic, cyclic approach for a rich, deep, profound & powerful certification unlike any out there.

This is intimate, textured, layered, creative, deeply supportive & nourishing.

This isn't flower crowns & flowy skirts feminine.

rocky reyna | texas, usa

sound therapy & holistic health

"This training changed me. It's so much more than I expected. It's deep and powerful. It was such a catalyst for me. Erika holds such an incredible space. I've never felt so held before. Women everywhere need The Movement & I get to share it in my own way with my own style & expression."

NO fancy EQUIPMENT is needed to facilitate the movement experience. it can be done or taken anywhere.


I'll personally lead you through the immersive 8 weeks. Access to the course and all masterclasses are yours forever.

Created With Convenience & Community In Mind

Start integrating aspects of the method into your own work or hosting experiences in your own style & expression with confidence as soon as you're certified.

Have a profound impact on your own & other women's struggle with body image, guilt, burnout, perfectionism, stress, anxiety & grind culture.

Feel safer in your body, able to be with emotions & feel stronger while respecting your limits - helping other women do the same if you choose.

Have an empowering movement practice that honors your natural rhythm and deepens your capacity for presence, pleasure and permission with badass playlists.

Be equipped to create & teach TME while holding safe, empowering spaces free of judgment or expectation for yourself & others.

Know how to use embodiment, somatics, inquiry & movement for unrivaled self-discovery, self- awareness & transformation in an experiential way that's flexible AF.

By the end, you'll...

get all the support you need to start facilitating foundational experiences integrated into your own work as soon as you're certified entirely online.

how does the program work?

Change the way women move in two months. Learn and practice how to bring The Movement Experience to the women you serve no matter your vocation or background with support and community in live group calls.

Host pop-ups, retreats, group programs, series, 1:1 client work and more in unique worldwide locations. See the slideshow above for examples of past events.

Continued Support. Keep momentum and set yourself apart in your industry post certification as you apply all you've learned and continue learning more indefinitely with the cyclical facilitator community. 

Elizabeth Sabet | Texas, usa

life coach

"As a Life Coach, I have to say this is so original and quite genius. I just love the way the content is delivered. The way it combines education and coaching around the feminine experience is amazing. I'm so excited to integrate The Movement into my group coaching programs and I feel so prepared to do that. During the training, I realized I didn't feel safe in my body. Throughout the training, I was able to achieve that. This body based technique is incredible."

I'm on a mission to change the way women move - on the mat & in the world.

The future of movement is in guiding women to look within, let the body lead, honor their natural rhythms and trust their own authority.

Women are taught to check-out, push through, over-give & run on empty with the best of intentions. But this results in living from the neck-up, depleted & disconnected - feeling unsafe in their bodies and dissatisfied with their lived experience.

They come to you for direction, guidance and answers.

Your clients cannot talk, think, plan, diet or exercise their way to fulfillment. The mind is brilliant - but it's not meant to be the driver.

I'm Erika Linae

It's in presence, pleasure & permission they'll find transformation

And you can hold that space for them...

Become A Facilitator

Join a global community of badass femmes helping women feel more alive, enough & free
in their own skin & as they are.

A One time investmenT

PAYMENT plan option available!


Be using The Movement Experience in 8 WEEKS

LIFETIME ACCESS TO FACILITATOR COMMUNITY and continued trainings and learnings

Explore The Curriculum!

EIGHT weeks to certification
forever support & further trainings
ENROLLMENT IS OPEN FOR the january cohort!!


The curriculum is paced to fit into your already full life and schedule. You'll have support and motivation to keep you going but if life gets in the way, you'll still be part of The Portal and will be able to finish.

The only extra thing you'll need to pay for is one book in whatever format you choose. These can also be checked out a your library if you want. Once you're certified, you'll be given access to Facilitator Resources for continued support at no additional cost. This is a lifetime license with freedom and flexibility to do your own thing with the method.

ARE THERE extra FEES or support after?

You'll need to commit about 5-10 hours a week for the 8 weeks of the course with the option to finish sooner. Everything except the LIVE group calls will be done on your own.


The beauty of the facilitator training is the opportunities are endless. You can integrate this into any work you are already doing with women. It allows freedom to express with your own flavor.


This is for women ready to go deep. This training gets personal, addresses the influences that have conditioned your way of being and at times requires a willingness to be vulnerable. It's also for female coaches, therapists, fitness instructors, wellness professionals and any woman who wants to change the way women relationship with wellness, their body and lived experiences. No prior experience is necessary.


You Might have Some questions

The Live online calls will be set each cohort and aim to accommodate time zones. If you're concerned about a time conflict, contact me.

When are the live calls?