This means you've got a variety of ways to engage with your felt experience worldwide!

Each facilitator infuses the essence of BodyStories into their work with their own flavor & style be it in their personal practice or community offerings.


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Middle East




Creator of BodyStories and The Movement Experience, Erika now fosters the facilitator community, runs pop-ups, escapes, one-on-one sessions, workshops and a variety of self-awareness experiences worldwide. Her style is heavily influenced by her passion for dance and self-expression.

Texas, The Middle East & Worldwide

Erika Linae Nimry

Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Adriana Solorzano

Bangkok / Australia

Ainslie Young

Rhode Island, USA

Keriann Koeman

Colorado, USA

Masha Borisova

Millport, New York, USA

Erica Craig

Saudi Arabia

May Bashawri

West Hollywood, California

Rebecca Reynolds

South Carolina, USA

Maureen Donahoe

British Columbia, Canada

Tamara Voth

Washington D.C.

Rahshia Sawyer


Julianna Lovett


Lenna Groudan

Rhode Island

Marie Case

South Carolina, USA

Patricia DiRenzo

Texas & Saudi Arabia

Joanna Auger

Colorado, USA

Jessa Johnson

Lubbock, Texas, USA

Elizabeth Sabet

Lubbock, Texas, USA

Rocky Reyna

Texas & Saudi Arabia

Jennifer Jensen

New Mexico, USA

Molly Harris

Lubbock, Texas, USA

Rhonda Davis