This means you've got a variety of ways to engage with your felt experience worldwide!

Each facilitator infuses the essence of TME into their work with their own flavor & style be it in their personal practice or community offerings.

The Movement Experience

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Middle East




Creator of The Movement Experience and its training community, Erika now trains TME mentors, fosters the facilitator community, runs pop-ups, escapes, one-on-one sessions, workshops and a variety of self-awareness experiences worldwide. Her style is heavily influenced by her passion for dance, somatic awareness, sensuality & feminine embodiment.

Texas, The Middle East & Worldwide

Erika Linae Nimry

Adriana runs slow escapes, pilates, barre classes & The Movement Pop-Up Experiences in Noosa. She's got a passion for nature, moving for the joy of movement and re-defining what motivates women to move.

Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Adriana Solorzano

Ainslie runs pop-up experiences and workshops, in person and online, as well as integrating The Movement Experience into her 1:1 and group coaching sessions where she partners with ambitious business women. Her style is influenced by feminine embodiment background and her desire for women to prioritise their pleasure while doing hard things with ease, in both life and business.

Bangkok / Australia

Ainslie Young

Keriann creates mini retreat experiences in nature in Rhode Island as well neighboring Connecticut and Massachusetts. She holds classes in her family tulip fields and plans to host more in sunflower and lavender fields in her area. Her style is freeing and centers female vocals of folk americana, indigenous & earthy music.

Rhode Island, USA

Keriann Koeman

Masha is a Healthy Body Image & Confidence Guide. She offer bi-weekly online zoom workshops to celebrate the wisdom of the moon cycles with LIVE workshops coming Summer 2022. Her style encourages you to explore the unknown with curiosity and freedom.

Colorado, USA

Masha Borisova

NYS Licensed Massage Therapist. Women can expect to be nurtured through movement, unwind and release tension, go inward with reflections and experience thoughtful curated events that include seasonal light refreshments, self care gifts from {IG: @haveasoak}, Seasonal pop up events and series events to explore the different energies with the foundational components.

Millport, New York, USA

Erica Craig

May is a a yoga instructor and women's circle facilitator. What you can expect from her experiences: Not a fitness class. A felt experience. An invitation to look and be with and within yourself. To find ways to support yourself in a way that resonates with you.

Saudi Arabia

May Bashawri

Rebecca empowers women to live life fully embodied and purposeful through their own brands. You can expect an infusion of ooey-gooey movement to help you delve deeper into your power. With nearly a decade of experience teaching sensual pole dance, The Movement Experience represents the next chapter in my journey as a movement facilitator. My style integrates slow, sensual movements between sequences designed to help you discover your edge.

West Hollywood, California

Rebecca Reynolds

You can expect a more intimate experience in a natural environment. Smaller groups will encourage genuine support and camaraderie. Music and intensity will vary greatly and be driven by the natural world. The focus will always be to allow the individual participants to drop into their felt sense to whatever degree is comfortable for them. Encouraging a connection to their individual healing potential. It is my intention to integrate TME into my practice by offering pop-up dates by invitation.

South Carolina, USA

Maureen Donahoe

Tamara is an artist and writer who explores the delicate rawness of grief and pains of ones life story. She has found somatic movement and listening to the wisdom of the body to be an integral resource in processing and moving through the nuanced layers of what is held within. She offers an intentional, safe and intimate space to allow one to go deeply inward to be with and reflect on
what lies beneath.

British Columbia, Canada

Tamara Voth

Jessa is a massage therapist trailblazing her industry. She offers community classes as well as one on one programs for women to feel safe in their bodies, rebuild intimacy with themselves and break their stress cycles. Her style has grit while being grounding, down to earth and relatable.

Colorado, USA

Jessa Johnson

Elizabeth is a coach & educator. She hosts workshops, pop-ups and integrates The Movement into her group coaching programs for women. Her style is loving and compassionate. She's also the director of the Institute of Transpersonal and Transformational Coaching specializing in spiritual integration.

Lubbock, Texas, USA

Elizabeth Sabet

Rocky Reyna is a Native American woman running a non-profit called Native Veda, sound therapist and yoga teacher. She wants to run pop-up experiences for women in her community to connect with themselves and nature. Her style is grounding and pulls from her indigenous background.

Lubbock, Texas, USA

Rocky Reyna

Jennifer loves The Movement Experience for its ability to meet you where you are and has a passion for sharing this in its most accessible form with women who suffer from chronic pain, migraines and illness.

Texas & Saudi Arabia

Jennifer Jensen

Molly fell in love with The Movement Experience for it's ability to be welcoming of women at all stages of life. It helped her deepen her relationships with herself and femininity. She has a passion to share the transformational power of TME with the women in her life and community. She splits her time between her homestead in New Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

New Mexico, USA

Molly Harris

Rhonda enjoyed The Movement Experience training for re-connecting her to her body, felt experience and giving her the ability to have a personal practice no matter where she is.

Lubbock, Texas, USA

Rhonda Davis