redefine your femininity, reconnect to yourself, reclaim your time and energy, learn what it is to rewild, to receive and to return to the vibrant and embodied woman you are.

Redefine your relationship with and understanding of the masculine and feminine charactersistics within yourself

Understand how you've been conditioned and how you've participated in so you can break free from it and create an empowered path of your own

Divided into 60 days of prompts, guided questions and embodiment exercises with no timeline and freedom to complete as you like, when you like

Sixty days of taking ownership of your feminine experience, recognizing how you've participated in and been affected by your conditioning and redefining what the feminine looks and feels like for you in your life, on your terms.

With no specific timeline, complete this workbook as you like and when you like. You can't get this wrong.

This workbook draws on founder of The Movement, Erika Linae's experience as a historian, teacher, health coach, life coach and movement facilitator to re-educate and facilitate women's unlearning of the conditioning that has reinforced beliefs that we're broken, not enough or doomed to a life of hard work and exhaustion.

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Built To Receive | 60 Day Workbook