This workshop will show you why body based coaching combined with depth based movement and a respect for the cyclical nature of women's bodies is key to changing the game.

For too long, wellness, coaching and fitness professionals have gone along with mindset focused industries built around reinforcing beliefs in women that hard work and more effort are required to achieve an ideal, right body or outcome - contributing to deep conditioning and burnout.

It's time for coaching, fitness and wellness to step into a more embodied way of getting women the results you and they both want. You cannot talk, think or exercise your way to freedom.

With two times to choose from & 48 hours access to a recorded class to complete on your own before the workshop - we make it easy for you to join the conversation and walk away ready to implement new tools in your life and practice.

4pm - 6pm syd time

6p - 8p Saudi Arabia

March 13th 2021

The Future Of Movement.


It's time to start checking in and stop checking out!

Q&A to get questions answered 

Deepen your coaching and fitness offerings with revolutionary tools

Workbook to follow along & keep

48hr access to a recorded The Movement class led by  erika

+ What body based coaching is and why you need it
+ What depth based movement is and why it matters
+ Why The future of movement isn't fitness - it's freedom.
+ Why Presence, Pleasure & Permission are key for clients
+ How to apply this to coaching, wellness and fitness now

If you're a coach or wellness professional ready to change the way women move in the world this is for you!

What you'll learn

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I created The Movement to change an industry perpetuating the conditioning of women and their bodies. I saw that coaching needed to go beyond talking and movement beyond fitness. Bridging these two worlds formed a practice heavily influenced by my love of dance and somatic awareness that's more powerful than I ever could've imagined.

I want women to know they aren't broken - the wellness world is. They don't have to want or be it all. That productivity and exhaustion don't validate your worth. That you're a cyclical being worthy of celebrating and rest is no reward.

I've got a lifelong background in dance and am a certified yoga and barre instructor. I'm also a woman who struggled with body image, disordered eating and rigid exercise routines for years.

Through my principles of presence, pleasure and permission, I've witnessed dozens of women heal their relationships with their bodies and movement, becoming the authority on their own wellness journey that feeds an abundant life rather than one lived from lack.

Erika Linae, Creator & Founder.


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