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The Movement Facilitator.

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Any woman wanting to do meaningful work in their community

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Who's this for?

The Movement is a unique embodiment practice combining coaching with movement to connect women with their body's natural cycles to better navigate their energy, emotions and exercise. By the end of the Foundational Training, you'll have gained a personal practice & skills to hold a safe space for other women.

It's a journey, a process and a lifelong path that begins here.

we give you everything you need to hold the movement experiences in your community.

Our mission is for every weekend to have The Movement workshops and events held all over the globe.

"I created The Movement after realizing - no amount of talking, trying, dieting or working out would break the cycle of being disconnected from and ashamed of your body and feminine experience."

- Erika linae nimry | creator

The Movement NEEDS NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT and can be taken anywhere.


Once you complete the program, you'll be a certified The Movement Foundational Facilitator and you'll be able to lead Foundational workshops, classes, and one-off events live or online.

This is The Future of Movement.

We believe the future of movement is in liberating the body, not conditioning it.

Wanna be a part of that?

...Created with working women in mind, this LIVE ONLINE training program has convenience & community built in.

Start hosting events and programs that integrate into your work with confidence as soon as you're certified.

Featured on The Movement site as a certified Foundational Facilitator with the ability to teach anytime, anywhere.

Practical Exercises to apply the material, breakout small group sessions each module and continued support with community.

Weekly LIVE group calls for q&a & support, workbooks, lectures and weekly The Movement class experiences.

Learn from the comfort of your couch with a flexible structure & accountability to FINISH by the end of your cohort.

 Help women feel safer in their bodies despite discomfort and feel stronger than ever while respecting their limits.

Cultivate a personal practice to calm the nervous system and make space for needs, wants and desires.

Understand the need for depth before direction and connecting to your cycles to feel enough as you are.

Create & teach classes for presence, pleasure & permission and hold space free of judgment or expectation.

Learn embodiment, self-awareness and how to effectively combine coaching & movement in The Movement classes.

For only 5 hours a week over nine weeks, our founder, Erika Linae, will lead you through each step with the support of other Lead Facilitators who started just like you.

What's Included


Thousands of miles apart, but in this together. 

Most trainings like this cost thousands of dollars, require travel, being away from home for weeks or months & teach you one skill.

This training teaches diverse styles of movement, coaching skills, somatic awareness & the crucial importance of being trauma informed as well as conscious of privilege & appropriation in the wellness industry - so you can hold safe space for all women regardless of background, body size or age.

when you join the program, we give you all the curriculum, tool kits and support you need to start facilitating foundational work once you're certified. run pop-ups, series, or mini-retreats - it’s your choice.

how does the facilitator program work?

Everything you need to help women navigate their energy, emotions and exercise with ease.

Entirely online, accessible anywhere - you learn from the comfort of home.

The Movement events have been held worldwide at retreats, workplaces, studios, event spaces, luxury hotels and people's homes. (Check out the slideshow above!)

No matter your vocation or background, you can bring The Movement experience to the women in your community.

Elizabeth Sabet | foundational facilitator

" As a Life Coach, I have to say this is so original and quite genius. I just love the way the content is delivered. The way it combines education and coaching around the feminine experience is amazing. I'm so excited to integrate The Movement into my group coaching programs and I feel so prepared to do that. During the training, I realized I didn't feel safe in my body. Throughout the training, I was able to achieve that. This body based technique is incredible."


Get familiar with Somatics and Embodiment. Dive into the history and influences that have shaped The Movement practice.

Understand the role of your femininity in cyclic living, safe space and diet/fitness culture. You'll explore your own relationship with the masculine and feminine as well as the relevance to modern women.

Learn the pillars and principles of The Movement, how music is an integral part of the experience and all about The Body Response to our method.

In Module One, you'll have readings, audios, lectures, content, videos, worksheets and your weekly group calls with the founder to guide you through our method. Most online programs focus entirely on learning and applying information. Watch, listen and apply. This misses an integral piece that makes knowledge wisdom, embodiment. The Foundational Facilitator program weaves embodiment through each module.




Continue with your weekly The Movement class experiences and Embodiment exercises on your own, reflecting and bringing your insights into weekly discussions.

Gain a deeper understanding of anatomy, music, cue-ing, inquiry and guiding women through variations for accessibility.

Led by Adriana, a Lead Facilitator, you'll start breaking down each component of Foundational classes week by week and record Mini-Movements to wet your feet with facilitating.

All throughout the training you'll be completing two embodiment exercises and The Movement classes on your own each week. The most important skill of any facilitator is having their own felt experience. In Module Two, you'll dive into teaching labs and movement workshops with Lead Facilitators who can answer your questions and help you get clear on components of Foundational Classes.




Record your first Foundational Experience Live and get feedback from the founder and Lead Facilitators to feel confident, prepared and capable. Celebrate with a closing ceremony.

Bring your concerns and questions to weekly office hours, held specifically to mentor and brainstorm with you to create an experience that aligns with your desires and work in the world.

Start completing the steps in your toolkit that prepare you for facilitating your first experience to a live audience of your choosing. This could be in your own home or at a public space.

In Module Three, you'll use the toolkit and mentorship to create your own Foundational Experience and teach it to a group of your choosing. This allows you to shake out the nerves of teaching for the first time, be guided through the creation process and let you finish your certification confident, empowered and excited to get started.




Professional development to continually refine your skills in coaching, inquiry, space holding, finding your voice as a facilitator and instruction.

Access to the most updated training manual, any components added to the training after you've graduated and resources to help you market your event to your community. 

The Portal you'll access post certification also includes a private community of certified facilitators, including a quarterly virtual gathering with Erika, the founder.

 A small monthly fee of $29 monthly or $299 yearly allows us to keep adding to the library resources and to curate quality personal and professional development from other trail blazing embodied women in industries that support your work as well as from Lead Facilitators and our founder. 

The Portal contains an ever growing library of resources, education and community to support and foster your role as a Facilitator.


post certification

I created this after seeing first hand for myself and dozens of women - no amount of talking, trying, dieting or working out will break the cycle of being disconnected from and ashamed of your body and feminine experience.

​We say no to push, hustle & grind. To whacked out hormones & burnout. We're shifting women from over-givers to guilt-free receivers & we'd like you to join us in changing the game & being the change.

let us show you THE WAY THROUGH.

I burned the candle at both ends & I did it all on my own proudly. I was also tired, anxious & unfulfilled - always chasing the next thing. 

I’m a Certified Educator, Yoga & Barre Instructor, Embodied Life & Movement Coach with a background in and love of dance.

But, more importantly... I get the struggle, the mess, the frustration & the guilt surrounding the female experience. I abused my body, bought into the fitness & wellness industry - and got tired of participating in it - even as a holistic health professional.


Erika Linae Nimry 


Foundational Facilitator

Jennifer Jensen | Saudi Arabia

I feel so much more aware and conscious of what's going on inside. I felt so embraced and welcomed in the community in the training. It was such a safe space. I know it's changed me. Being a powerful woman, the only woman in the room most of the time, had disconnected me from my feeling body. I also struggled in other wellness spaces because of my own chronic pain form migraines.  Now, I can't wait to hold space for more women like this, to hold space for women whose chronic pain or body size kept them from feeling welcomed in wellness spaces. This is powerful and inclusive.

I love how The Movement is so flexible and adaptable for all abilities. 

Lead Facilitator

Adriana Solorzano | Australia

I learned so much about myself and parts of the curriculum I first thought wouldn't be relevant (e.g. understanding and embodying my femininity) were, of course, exactly what I needed to have a better understanding of how to move differently in the world.

Facilitating is so special. Women love the experience. I'm so grateful that I get to bring this to the women in my community. If you're looking to truly help women feel more comfortable in their own skin, this program is brilliant.

Becoming a TM Facilitator was way more than I ever expected. 

Foundational Facilitator

Molly Harris | New Mexico

She emboldens me to feel and experience emotions in a safe environment. She gives me courage to believe I can hold the space for my own class. She is humble, generous, inspiring, courageous and real. I love that in classes I'm not plopped in front of a mirror - I'm not self conscious and comparing my abilities to others. The Movement training has made me look inside at layers I had buried and didn't know I had. Learning to develop a class has allowed me to have that calm anytime I want.

Working with Erika has been enlightening. 

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Exclusive Community​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The best part of this entire program is the community that comes with it. Learn and collaborate with like minded people that face the same struggles and obstacles that you do. 

Be Mentored To Deliver Your First Experience - Module 3 applies what you've learned, helping you organize your first experience. Don't worry -we'll be with you the entire way!

Professional printable resources, worksheets, and guides to reinforce what you're learning in the video trainings. As a certified educator, our founder caters to all learning styles. 

Flexible structure & accountability to FINISH. Most online programs end up on the back burner or never finished at all. Our LIVE online format ensures you're done in 12 weeks.

Weekly The Movement Classes for experience - crucial to really embodying the practice and your self-discovery, you'll experience the practice, reflect and explore supplemental embodiment exercises.

Breakout small group sessions at each module - ask your questions, and get real-time tips and thoughts to help guide you in your progress.

Weekly LIVE group workshop for q&a & support to help keep you on track. Here you'll get access to the founder or Lead Facilitator and discuss the content in more depth.

Three modules  all include workbooks, video & audio lectures delivered via a highly professional and user friendly learning management platform.

Total Value $4,050

An added exclusive bonus of Built To Receive, a 60 day workbook for creating more pleasure, presence and permission in your life ($50)

Two 1:1 sessions with the founder, Erika Linae. One before you begin and one at the end. This special bonus won't always be offered! ($300)

An added exclusive bonus of over 12 hours of  Lectures from mentors and influences of The Movement ranging from coaching, holistic modalities, movement and trauma. ($1200)

You'll get full access to everything in the program (Total Value: $2,500)

save $250

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You're still in the midst of healing from serious trauma and are not currently also working with a licensed professional

You'd like to go on teaching fitness, wellness or coaching women from a purely mindset perspective.

You have a fixed idea or belief of what a healthy woman looks and sounds like

You're deeply attached to and convinced that rigid routines, diet and fitness regimens are the answer

It's NOT for you if:

Are ready to learn a set of skills that will empower yourself, other women and can make you some $$$

You've experienced burnout or recognize that pushing through isn't the only way to fulfillment

You want to integrate more depth into your coaching & movement offerings that's flexible AF

You're tired of the diet and fitness industry trying to change women's bodies or feed that belief

This program IS for you if:

While The Movement could absolutely integrate into your business, be a side income or just a passion, facilitating The Movement is powerful and a privilege.

We're a collective of women wanting to change the way women move and feel - on the mat and in the world. We're empowering women with presence, pleasure and permission so they can take back their power and take up space.

And if that speaks to you, then what are you waiting for?

We'll leave you with this...


If you need to drop out for any reason, any payments made up to that point can be credited toward a future online training within 12 months from your date of purchase.

If you need to defer training once the program has started, your access to all materials will be revoked and you will need to pay a re-instatement fee of $50 when you choose to continue in a future training.

We are more than happy to set up a time to discuss the program further with you. 

We realise this program is an investment of your time and resources so if there's anyway that we help alleviate any queries or concerns we'd love to help. Don't be shy. Contact us. 

The Movement Facilitator Program is still quite new but is in conversation and under review to become certified in some capacity for coaches and fitness instructors.

We are focused on remaining accessible and empowering women to add and integrate the depth of The Movement into their existing work and offerings in the world. If there is a specific international board you are looking for or are interested in, let us know!



To receive and maintain certification - meaning you can facilitate The Movement - you will need to become a member of The Portal. The Portal contains an ever growing library of resources, education and community to support and foster your role as a Facilitator.

In addition to the Foundational Toolkit and the video tutorials you access during your certification, The Portal you'll access post certification also includes a private community of certified facilitators, a quarterly virtual gathering with Erika, the founder, the most updated training manual, any components added to the training after you've graduated, resources to help you market your event to your community and professional development to continually refine your skills in coaching, inquiry, space holding, finding your voice as a facilitator and instruction.

You'll become a member of The Foundational Portal upon certification for a small monthly fee of $29.99 or $299 yearly. Your fee allows us to keep adding to the library resources and to curate quality personal and professional development from other trail blazing embodied women in industries that support your work as well as from Lead Facilitators and our founder.

Making The Portal mandatory ensures that your journey as a facilitator is being supported and fostered in a safe container and ensures consistency as well as integrity for any The Movement experience had anywhere across the globe.


Your certification will not specify online. You'll be able to teach anywhere you'd like to! We have hosted events and retreats in hotels, studios, event spaces, homes, backyards, out in the country and more. There is so much room for creativity and flexibility. Some integrate this into their group coaching programs, purely do occasional workshops, and some host classes and small groups in their homes


schedule a free call with us to get answers and feel good about your decision with no pressure or obligation.

You'll need to be able to commit 4-5 hours a week for the 9 weeks of the course.

However, we know most women are wearing many hats and juggling multiple responsibilities, so you'll be able to complete everything except the weekly LIVE group call on your own, so it's still flexible. Depending on your location calls may be early morning or late evening to accommodate all time zones. While this may require you to be a bit flexible, we've always had cohorts that created strong bonds and found any inconvenience well worth the ability to connect and create relationships across the globe.


The beauty of the facilitator training is the opportunities are endless. You can integrate this into any work you are already doing with women. It allows freedom to express with your own flavor.

It can be a simple now and then pop-up, a personal practice or it can become an integral part of your offerings as a coach, instructor, etc. You won't have to worry about rushing between studios, trying to get on timetables or only being able to operate in specific venues. The choice and power is in your hands.

The Movement will benefit coaching clients by connecting with their body more deeply and tapping into a depth of awareness that can't be accomplished in a talk based approach. It will help them feel safer in their bodies, more open to their felt experience and better able to tune in to it.

TheMovement approach is also accessible and familiar. This isn't 'too woo' or 'out there' for women who have not been exposed to somatics and embodiment practices. It's relatable and they are able to be met where they are.

For women in the fitness industry, this practice will help their clients be able to listen to their bodies, to become their own authority and not feel so helpless when it comes to exercise and navigating what's right for them.

This practice shifts the relationship women have with their bodies and their way of being in the world. They will be more confident, aware and empowered regardless of how you integrate this practice.


This training is for female coaches, therapists, fitness instructors, wellness professionals and any woman who wants to change the way women move.

No previous experience is necessary. Many of our facilitators had no prior experience with teaching movement, coaching or facilitating experiences. That's also why Module 3 of the training involves a Final Project where you will plan your first event and actually facilitate it with our support and mentorship.


don't worry, we have the answers!

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adriana | australian facilitator

"Facilitating is special. Women love the experience. I'm so grateful that I get to bring this to the women in my community. If you're looking to truly help women feel more comfortable in their own skin, this program is brilliant."