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Becoming a The Movement Facilitator is not a one and done. 
It continuously reminds us how we move through the world. It keeps us curious, exploring how women can respect their ever changing energy, emotions and exercise and find their way back home to themselves.

We want to ensure all graduates stay up to date on their training and are being nourished in their own process as well as their offerings.

Host Events & Integrate The Movement into your own offerings & work

Ongoing community & inspiration

Personal & Professional Development

Class Creation resources with demos and templates

Toolkit framework for your own Foundational events

What's Inside The Portal?

The Foundational Toolkit includes everything you need to design, plan and execute your own pop-up event, series or group program from start to finish as is or to inspire your own.

+ Choosing, creating & holding a space
+ Marketing materials, posts and emails
+ Pick & Print worksheets, wavers, etc.
+ Sample playlist & class to use
+ Ideas for integrating into your work

Foundational Toolkit


+ Sample Playlists
+ Video tutorials of class components
+ Chair & Floor variations for accessibility
+ Class Creation templates for making your own
+ Resources for cue-ing and facilitating

Class Creation


Periodic trainings by Lead Facilitators, the Founder and other trail blazing embodied femmes sharing resources to up-level and support your work.

Designed to deepen your inquiry, find your voice, and empower your role as a Facilitator.

Continued Education


+ A private community for connection, conversation, inspiration and feedback anytime

+ A quarterly virtual gathering to celebrate and check-in with all facilitators worldwide.

Community & Connection


Readings, resources, updated training materials, discounts and more to continually inspire your offerings be they one-offs, series' integrated into your own business or creating revolutionary new programs and sources of income for yourself.

Resources & Inspiration



paid annually

The Facilitator Portal


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The Facilitator Portal
The Lifestyle Membership


paid monthly

paid monthly

The Facilitator Portal

Enough Said, I'm In!

*If you're currently a member of TM Lifestyle Membership, you'll need to cancel your current subscription

You'll also have the opportunity to license extra themed toolkits to diversify your offerings. We do the hard work for you.

License other toolkits

Nope. If, at any time, you choose to complete the Embodied Facilitator Training (2nd level), access to that portal will be added at no extra cost.

will i have to pay more for higher levels?

Your fee allows us to curate quality personal and professional development. It's also meant to get you out there hosting events so you'll be making some cash and off setting any monthly costs.

i'm not sure about the monthly cost

TM Membership is for participation. It's like getting to attend an experience digitally each month which can offer inspiration. The Portal is specifically designed to foster your role as a facilitator and get you out there hosting your own events with confidence.

how's this different from tm membership?

The Portal intentionally supports a desire to share TM. If you've been nervous to host an event, not sure how to integrate this into your own work or want to make some kind of income from TM, The Portal will guide you, help you and empower you to do so.

how will this benefit me?

If the ongoing portal support isn't something you think you need, that's fine. TM Facilitator Training can still be used for your own personal practice, but facilitating/teaching/sharing TM classes to others, in any capacity, live or digitally, will no longer be available.

what if the portal isn't for me?

It is if you'd like to maintain your certification, share TM in any way or form, or call yourself a TM Facilitator. This ensures you're being supported and creates consistency as well as integrity for any The Movement experience had anywhere across the globe.

Is this mandatory?

don't worry, we have the answers!

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