reflection questions to process & take your time before jumping back to your to do's

20 min release mini The Movement Class

short audio from ME, Erika Linae

Soothing green smoothie recipe (great for anxiety)

Your energy levels are not the same everyday, your needs matter and those needs change depending on the seasons of your life.

This Release Retreat has got you covered with 45 - 60 minute curated experience designed to free the tension and feel your way. I've included all the elements of a live and in person TM experience able to be done anywhere, anytime on your terms.

Great for expansive, high and creative energy

Think Summer, full moons, sass, expression, liberation, exploration and sensual pleasure

* You'll have 30 days of access to this retreat.

Why 30 days? BecausevI want to give you the nudge to actually make time for yourself. We know, (from experience) how often we say 'This is exactly what I need!' and then it hits the back burner and goes stone cold. Forever.

The Release Retreat | At Home



Access All Three Retreats + Honor Your Energy 

fill your cup, free the tension & feel your strength

save $27 with the bundle