Your energy fluctuates throughout the month due to hormonal and natural energy ebbs and flows. This series allows you a peak into what that's like by exploring these different phases with the moon's cycle.

These Full The Movement Experience classes run about 60 minutes each.

Each class has a suggested playlist linked for this at-home experience of the most popular series I run.

These classes are recorded livestreams, raw, real, unfiltered and from my home studio which invite you into my personal practice and space to experience this as I do without any performative or polished finishes.

+ Start the New Moon the week of your monthly bleed and continue through each phase weekly.

+ Start the New Moon class on the actual new moon and follow the phases weekly.

+ Do them in any order to match your own energy level or start them anytime in any order.

New Moon - Low energy
Waxing Moon - Rising Energy
Full Moon - Expansive energy
Waning Moon - Slowing energy

* You'll have 30 days of access to this series.

Why 30 days? Because I want to give you the nudge to actually make time for yourself. We know, (from experience) how often we say 'This is exactly what I need!' and then it hits the back burner and goes stone cold. Forever.

The Moon Movement Collection