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the future of movement isn't fitness. it's freedom.

An industry obsessed with performance and productivity is part of the problem.
Learn how to help women break the cycle of burnout and self-loathing.

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— joanna

'I went to an experience recently in Noosa and it was the most incredible thing. I carry the whole world on my shoulders while juggling the universe daily. The thought of putting one thing down is terrifying... but that day, for just an hour, I found a little piece of me hidden under all the years of self-neglect and it was euphoric.'

Ground and center for connection, presence and strength. Our binge worthy playlists - always asked for by participants - set the mood and truly guide you through.

Intentional inquiry within movements brings you face to face with your inner dialogue and stored emotions. ​Noticing, feeling, sensing and releasing - we meet discomfort, choice, and liberation.

Leveraging the power of a slower pace, non-linear and repetitive micro-movements, we listen intentionally and move with curiosity.

You might recognize some postures if you're familiar with yoga, barre, dance, somatics or embodiment, but this isn't yoga and it isn't fitness. This is The Movement. It's unlike anything else. And you're going to love it. 

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We make it easy to get away, relax, re-connect with yourself and experience something one-of-a-kind with like minded women in an intimate and ambient setting while also centering and supporting women led businesses where possible.

Our Facilitators hold pop-ups, retreats and a variety of experiences integrated into their own special offerings worldwide.

The Movement Retreats combine scenic destinations, cultural experiences, The Movement & sensory dining experiences with enough time to explore & BE WITH YOU. Away from your world, experiencing yourself in the world, this is self-discovery at its best.

We also offer both planned and bespoke events worldwide to nurture and cultivate your feminine experience.

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Live Online workshop

This workshop will show you why body based coaching combined with depth based movement and a respect for the cyclical nature of women's bodies is key to changing the game.

For too long, wellness and fitness professionals have gone along with an industry focused on changing women's bodies. One built on beliefs that there is an ideal, a right body and that hard work and more effort will achieve it - all without realizing the deep conditioning they participated in.

Likewise, it's time for coaching and therapy to step into a more embodied way of breaking free from conditioning and behaviors. You cannot talk or think your way to freedom.

Feb 5th | online | $39

The Future of Movement | Live Online Workshop

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Even just a couple of hours away from your daily routine, from your usual surroundings, from the usual expectations that we demand from ourselves, can make a massive difference in coming back ‘Home’ to yourself.

This is NOT about figuring out what you need to ‘fix’ to live your ‘best life.’

This is about time just for you to know that mess and all, you are enough, just as you are. That you’re doing your best.
You just need to replenish your energy to remember that.

Jan 31st | noosa, Queensland | $50

The Movement Experience with Adriana

- stacey McBRide wilson -

" I've had to undo a lot of conditioning from the fitness industry. Where precision and perfection are everything. Where look overtakes feel. The Movement was such a safe space. The music was powerful. The movement matched. There was so much freedom. The instruction was inclusive and strong. I loved the freedom of closing eyes during the class. It was such a liberating experience. And also so empowering for where I find myself right now. 

Don't see one near you yet? Reach out. We're always up for an adventure and are actively training online and worldwide.

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